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"even though the language is different, the music is still the same."

Wed, 30th of July
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Wed, 30th of July
❝ I can’t give you the best, but I will give you my best. ❞
—   Lay (cr. 灵潇潇潇)   —
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Wed, 30th of July

Jongdae | Let Out The Beast | TLP in Chengdu (140705)

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Tue, 29th of July
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Tue, 29th of July
mom: stop fucking watching anime
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Sun, 13th of July
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Sun, 13th of July

it took kim sunggyu 1 year, 7 months, 17 days, 3 comebacks and 1 world tour, to reply to nam woohyun’s twitter declaration of love.

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Sun, 13th of July
reasons to stan snsd #4389578394579384 
Thu, 10th of July


Q: Which part of your body are you most confident with?

Jongdae: Left foot 4th toe

cr. exoverflow / 비타오백슝슝

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Fri, 4th of July
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